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Professor Yong Kak LEE

Yong-Kak Lee, MD, PhD
Ex-president of ASVS in 1996
Professor Emeritus, School of Medicine, Catholic University
Seoul, South Korea

I would like to genuinely congratulate opening our official website of Asian Society for Vascular Surgery(ASVS) online. When ASVS had made its start back in 1994, Japan, South Korea and China were main members of it but now we see Societies of Vascular Surgery from many other countries in Asia are participating in our union. As one of the founders of ASVS, I deeply express my joy and gratitude on this amazing growth. I thank all who have been contributing so much in establishing such wonderful academic society. I’m retired but observing the changes and developments of Vascular Surgery that were made for decades astounds me of the fact how dramatically medical technology has been improving. I look forward to a future when our next generations can provide medical services in use of such advanced medical technology and devote themselves to develop new surgical technology to a greater extent. I deeply congratulate the website opening once again and I wish us to keep holding a prosperous future of ASVS. Thank you.

Nov. 5th 2013
Yong-Kak Lee