Welcome to ASVS site.

Professor John B. CHANG

Dear Members and Colleagues;

I open my two arms widely to welcome you to our web page.

As you see clearly our Logo indicates that our society was founded in 1992 in Seoul Korea during my 6th International Vascular Surgery Conference.

I created this symbol with help of the late Professor Yoshio Mishima: The outer circle signifies ” universe”, the inner circle indicates ” unity “. The red color at the center and ” A” signify “Arterial circulation” and ” Asian”. The blue color at the center and ” V ” indicate ” Venous circulation” and ” Vascular “. The yellow at the center indicates ” Lymphatic Circulation “. ” S” at the Center signifies ” Society ” and ” Surgery ” as well. The configuration at the center with ” Red ” and ” Blue ” also signifies the profound Oriental philosophy of ” Ying” and ” Yang”, the eternal harmony.

I have been serving as the Founding Chairman, as elected by the Founding Members.
It has been our hope and wishes to see our Society to grow eternally with many successful annual meetings, where all of our Asian and world Members may study and discuss their basic research works and cutting edge clinical technologies to heal medical and surgical vascular diseases of our current and future patients, and ease their pain. It is also my dream to see our current and future members to work with
International mainstream as equal partners and leaders in many generations to come!
I look forward to greeting each and every one of you at the future meetings of our Society.

May God bless you all.


Founding Chairman, Asian Vascular Society